About Us

The Sapphire Discount Card is a Sapphire Marketing Group Ltd. Promotion based in the Worecstershire area.

92, Whinchat Grove


DY10 4TJ

Reg: 11128749

The Sapphire Discount Card is not a foodie card its   a everything card

Supporting local independent business and services and national charities .


Through the Sapphire Discount card you will receive up to a 50% discount on shops and services over a 12-month period and together, we will support a national charity, as a percentage of each card sold will be donated to a national charity at the end of the year.


Once you have purchased your Sapphire Discount Card, you will receive your card and bonus vouchers by post, within 5 working days .

Or through our Direct marketing agents in your area on the same day of purchase

. £25.00 for 12 moths membership along with upto £170.00 of Welcome Vouchers to get you started .

increase the value by purchasing 2 cards for £40.00 plus 2 packs of Welcome vouchers as the Sapphire Card is 1 card per person.


To help you  save money on thing you like, need and love over a 12-month period and at  the same time supporting local independent businesses and National Charities .

Through your support of local independent businesses, they will in turn support you and together, we support a different national charity every year.

We have new businesses joining every week.

Terms and conditions apply.